We want your experience at Whiteswan Weddings and Events. LLC to be totally flawless. Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford to include a full-service wedding planner in their budget. However, all couples would benefit from hiring a”Day Of Coordinator”. Look at those words, don’t be mislead. The service actually starts 1-2 months prior to your big day.

Whiteswan Weddings and Events,LLC specialize in this area. We have put together the most comprehensive Day Of Coordination package to be found anywhere. This starts out six to eight prior to your wedding date. We will:

  • Meet with the couple, go over all contracts made with vendors and everything the couple has already made.

  • Have constant communication with the couple and all of the vendors leading up to, including the wedding day.

  • Make vendor recommendations if couple still needs some.

  • Set up three coordination meetings including a venue walk though.

  • Review of vendor contracts and meetings with each vendor to ensure complete understanding of their duties and timelines for setup and tear down.

  • Become the contact for the DJ, Florist, Band, Photographer and Caterer.

    1-2 Weeks Before Wedding Day

  • Visit all vendors to verify details of their services and any remaining balances.

  • Set up a detail schedule for your rehearsal, wedding, and reception.

  • Give itinerary to couple, family, VIP’s, DJ, Photographer, Florist, and Caterer.

  • Final walk though of the venue in the week of the wedding.

  • Work with rental items vendors on any items rented for the wedding or reception, including their delivery of items and pickup after the event.


  • Hand out itinerary to everyone with adjustments per couples instructions.

  • Coordinate and manage the rehearsal and provide necessary assistance per couples instructions.

  • Look over and make necessary changes to wedding day itinerary.

  • Discuss with the officiant the order of events for the ceremony.

  • Pick up any rented clothing items and time to return items after the event.


  • Have unlimited communication with couples, family and VIP’s.

  • Setup of all the personal items requested by the bridal couple.

  • Be in charge of the layout of the rooms. Assist the florist on placement of floral items at wedding and reception.

  • Assist the caterer with unloading, setup prior to guests arriving. The bartender needs to follow the same procedure as the caterer.

  • Photographer: The coordinator needs to know the schedule of photographer that will need the presence of the bride, groom and wedding party in order to be sure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be.

  • Coordinate who is responsible for getting the wedding gown and veil to the venue.

  • Attend to the needs of the bride, groom, bridal party, and parents of the bride and groom.

  • Show the band or DJ where to setup and go over details of arrival of the bridal party and couple.

  • Handle the movement of the gifts to the bridal couple’s room or designated location.

  • Coordinate the assigned party where guests park for the ceremony, where to place gifts.


  • Organizing and directing the entrance for:

    - The Family Members

    - The Groom and Officiant

    - The Groomsmen

    - The Bridesmaid

    - The Bride

  • Work with musical or DJ concerning the music and what songs play at what times.


  • Provide a list of photos you want taken after the ceremony.

  • Pack up any personal or rental items used for the ceremony.

  • Make sure the guests know where they need to go while the photos are being taken.

  • Check with the caterer and musician or DJ that they are ready for guests.


  • Make sure that each event happens according to prearranged plans:

    - First Dance

    - Dinner, where guests should set

    - Cake Cutting

    - Toasting

    - Departing

  • Pack up any personal or rental items.

  • Handle the movement of the gifts to the bridal couple’s room or designated location


  • Organize the send off

  • Make sure your departure vehicle arrives on time.

  • the couples luggage is loaded and ready for the send off.


  • Get the gifts to the responsible one.

  • Pay the clergyman. Or find out who pays the clergyman.

  • Who has the marriage license and that they are signed.

  • Who is in charge of tipping or paying the vendors. They should already be paired before hand.

  • Pack up the decorations.

  • Return the rented items or have the vendors pick up rented items.

  • Check the caters, bartenders, DJ areas that they are cleaned.

    If there are additional items that you need help coordinating, please let us know. As you can see, there many little details that go into making your wedding day special ands tree-free!

    Our mission is to do all we can to help your Wedding Day be everything you dreamed of.

    All of Day-of Coordination packages start out at $800.00